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ECO-KED Limited is a local zero-carbon emissions courier service in the ‘final-mile’ that transports orders for physical/online retailers to their customers during the same day or on the next day using e-cargo bikes, e-cars and e-vans. We operate in the last-mile section where we pick up orders from their stores, hubs and deliver them to their customers. As a courier service, we provide a solution for the restaurants, e-commerce businesses, fashion retailers, and the parcel delivery firms, to deliver their orders via a system that can benefit both the customer and the environment.

Yokler U cargo bike.jpg

Meet The Team


Kevin Veizi


Kevin has over 2 years of experience managing a gym where he has learned vital skills on how to manage people, acquire customers, change business strategy, and increase profitability. Moreover, he has been part of an entrepreneur incubation program from Coventry University where he successfully developed a company specialized in guiding travelers that were interested to visit Albania for their upcoming holidays. The website included a description, pictures, and videos of every Albanian city and tourist attraction places. He has an undergraduate degree in Sport Management from Coventry University in the United Kingdom.


Rei Veizi


Rei has already started two businesses in Albania that include sales of luxury clothing online and renting out to tourists electric bikes during summer. His journey as an entrepreneur has provided him with outstanding knowledge of starting a business, gaining new customers, working in a team, and finding better opportunities to increase sales and develop new revenue streams. He has a High School diploma from ‘Elite school’ in Vlore, Albania.

Get in Touch

Castle House, Castle Street, Sheffield, South Yorkshire, United Kingdom S3 8LS


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